Packaging a Cygwin/X Distribution

Cygwin/X uses a cygport build and packaging script that automates all of the tasks required to build, create binary packages, and source code packages.

Note: These instructions assume that you want to build a distribution from the source packages available from Cygwin's setup program.

You can a similar technique to build a distribution from locally modified sources, cygwin-ports git or an X.Org release tarball instead.

  1. Use Cygwin setup to install the xorg-server source package, it will be automatically unpacked under /usr/src

  2. Invoke cygport on the .cygport file contained in the source package installed above. This will create the source and binary packages xorg-server-n.nn.n-X-src.tar.bz2 and xorg-server-n.nn.n-X.tar.bz2
Username@CygwinHost /usr/src/xorg-server-x.xx.x-x.src/
    $ cygport xorg-server-x.xx.x-x.cygport all