Finish configuration

This is the last page of the XLaunch wizard.

Select Finish to run the options selected and start the X server and any additional X client selected.

Save configuration

Click this option to save your configuration for reuse.

You can use XLaunch to start the X server with a saved configuration by double clicking the .xlaunch file, choosing Open from the right-click context menu for the .xlaunch file, or like this

XLaunch -run <config.xlaunch>

To edit an existing configuration or use a configuration as a preset for new configuration choose Edit from the right-click context menu for the .xlaunch file or

XLaunch -load <config.xlaunch>


The wizard is closed and the X server is run with your settings.

If you have chosen an X client, this is automatically started when the X server is ready to accept client connections. When this X client exits, the X server is automatically shutdown.