X Windows - on Windows!

Cygwin/X - Ported Software

As of 2002-05-12, Cygwin/X is installed via Cygwin's setup program. Be sure to check for Cygwin/X packages in the X11 category.

The following list of X11 packages is kept for historical interest only.

Check out Eric Lassauge's Cygwin/X Ported Software. Eric has binary versions of many packages available, including xscreensaver, gle, glut, xli, xloadimage, xlockmore, xautolock, gdk-pixbuf, gqview, and GNU bc.

IceWM - ``IceWM is a window manager for the X11 Window System''. Cygwin/X versions: 1.0.9-2, 1.0.8-6p1.

OpenDX - From the OpenDX home page,``The Open Source software project based on IBM's Visualization Data Explorer''. README for Cygwin/X.

XTrek - An ``X based multi-player space shoot 'em up game'', according to the man page. Cygwin/X version.

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