X Windows - on Windows!


These lists are by no means complete and they only aim to list people that have directly contributed a patch to the project. There are other lists of contributors elsewhere that list people that have made patches to the generic code that makes up the whole of the Cygwin/X distribution. In other words, those listed below have contributed directly to our X Server implementation or directly to our project.

Active (alphabetical order)

Jon Turney (XWin developer)

Inactive (alphabetical order)

Michael Bax (icon work)
Jehan Bing (nodecoration mode, scrollbars, and icon work)
Dr. Peter Busch
Robert Collins (Cygwin developer, miscellaneous)
Christopher Faylor (gave Cygwin/X a home on the web, a binary distribution network, and works on Cygwin proper)
John Fortin
Alexander Gottwald (former project leader, developer of the XF86Config support, automatic keyboard detection support, Japanese keyboard support, web site maintainer, etc.)
Alan Hourihane (long time X developer, extensive work on the NativeGDI mode)
Harold L Hunt II (former project leader, developer, documentation writer)
Dakshinamurthy Karra
Mumit Khan (made gcc work well enough to compile X on Cygwin)
Kensuke Matsuzaki (developer of the MultiWindow mode, Rootless mode, contributor to the clipboard code, Japanese keyboard support, etc.)
Takuma Murakami (enhanced performance of MultiWindow mode, improved synchronization of keyboard and mouse states, Japanese keyboard support, etc.)
Sergey Orkhapin (worked on X11R6.4)
Earle F. Philhower III (contributor to the MultiWindow mode, developer of X to Win32 icon translation, and developer of the .XWinrc preferences file parser)
Benjamin Riefenstahl (icon work)
Yaakov Selkowitz (project leader, release manager)
Suhaib M. Siddiqi (creator and original leader of the project)