Additional parameters

This is where the more obscure settings can be made. If in doubt, use the default settings.


Enables the integration between the X clipboard and Windows clipboard. This is enabled by default.

Native OpenGL

If possible, use the native Windows OpenGL interface for hardware accelerated OpenGL rendering. Currently, this is only possible in multiple window mode. When this option is disabled, OpenGL will use software rendering. This is enabled by default.

No Access Control

Turns off server access control. Available as a debugging aid when not running SSH X11 forwarding or XDMCP.

Additional parameters for the X server

Enter all other command line parameters needed by you for the X server. If unsure enter nothing.

For a list of parameters see the [WWW]XWin man page.

For example, if you need to add a remote [WWW]font server you may use the -fp option with the hostname of your font server here.

Or, for example, to change the window size, enter '-screen 0 1024x768+125+100@1' for a 1024x768 window size, offset 125,100 as screen number 0 on the 1st monitor.