X Windows - on Windows!


Cygwin/X documentation aims to make installation and usage of Cygwin/X painless for all users. Screenshots are used when practical to provide users with visual confirmation of the written instructions.

Cygwin/X User's Guide [HTML] [PDF] [PS] [RTF] [TXT]

Cygwin/X Frequently Asked Questions [HTML] [PDF] [PS] [RTF] [TXT]

Cygwin/X man pages XWin(1), startxwin(1), xlaunch(1), xtow(1), xwinclip(1), XWinrc(5)

Cygwin/X Contributor's Guide [HTML] [PDF] [PS] [RTF] [TXT]

XLaunch online help [HTML]

All Cygwin/X documentation available on this page is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Please send questions, problem reports and patches for this documentation to the cygwin mailing list.

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